Dear colleagues,


         Acute Cardiovascular Care, a demanding and rapidly evolving field of cardiology and intensive care medicine, regularly brings series of novelties based on science and every day practice.   In addition to being exposed to high levels of psychophysical stress, health care professionals working in this field are continuously required to adopt new professional and scientific knowledges and incorporate them into daily routine.

        The Working group on Acute Coronary Syndromes of the Croatian Cardiac Society, since being founded eighteen years ago, has always been following the most recent knowledges in the field of Acute and Intensive Cardiovascular Care, sharing them with Croatian colleagues and keeping this branch of cardiology in Croatia at the highest achievable level. For years, the Working Group has been actively cooperating with the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association of the ESC, as will be the case with the organization of this Symposium.

       The organizers of this Symposium hope that the lecturers, chairpersons and other participants will share and gather contemporary knowledge in the field of a

Acute and Intensive Cardiac Care, exchange their experiences, but also find some time for professional networking.


With our kindest regards,



Prof. Zdravko Babić, MD.PhD.

Acute Cardiovascular Care Association National Representative
Chairman, Working Group for Acute Coronary Syndromes
Croatian Cardiac Society

Prof. Davor Miličić, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC

President, Croatian Cardiac Society

Chairman, HFA-ESC Clinical Science Section

AICC Symposium Rab - October 14th - 16th, 2022